Sarah and Justin's Wedding Day turned out to be a great day even though the rain slightly dampened their plans. See what I did there? Haha. The ceremony and reception were held at a lodge right outside of Durham in Bahama, NC. Getting to the lodge was an adventure in itself: a bumpy, gravel road carved in the middle of a forest with no street lights was the only way in and out.  It seemed to never end and then opened up to the very quaint and cozy Spruce Pine Lodge.

By the time the 200+/- guests arrived, Sarah's sister had most of the decorations in place. The Lodge was the perfect setting for the rustic themed wedding and reception. Decorated Mason jars filled with flower arrangements served as centerpieces. Two small chalkboards showed guests the menu for the evening. There were even strings of lights hung above the dance floor. Sure, the guys were only able to keep the lights on for 10 minutes at a time before the fuse blew, but 10 minutes is all you need for the couple's first dance. But we'll get to that later...

durham wedding photographer5.jpg

Justin did a great job choosing his groomsmen. While they prepared for the ceremony it was hilarious to hear stories of the night before. There was something about Justin trying to get into a venue with a white shirt and having to wear someone else's favorite shirt. By the end of that story, Ham (one of the groomsmen) said that Justin owed him a new shirt! It was also a treat watching them dance and rap to old school hip-hop. Someone pulled out an iPod and the fun began. They went from Juvenile to Jay-Z. From The Beastie Boys to Beanie Sigel. Justin and company went back and forth rapping every single word to every song that was played!

Meanwhile, next door with Sarah and the couldn't tell anyone was nervous.  There were giggles, random conversations, lots of ohhs and ahhs  and it was awesome to see some familiar faces!  Remember Latosha & Maurice's wedding? Well Latosha was one of the bridesmaids and we had the pleasure of meeting another one of Sarah's bridesmaids who attended Latosha's wedding as well. Occasionally Sarah would ask about the set up and if everything was ok.  You could tell she poured her heart and soul into each and every detail!

And to make everything even better... the couple decided to do a first look! This is heaven for wedding photographers but we tried to play it cool. There is something about the look in a man's eyes when he sees his bride-to-be in her wedding dress for the first time. Justin was stunned to say the least and that hug showed his approval and love for Sarah.

The ceremony was nothing short of romantic and full of special moments that really showed how much in love the two are.  Did we mention that there was a special selection from Justin to Sarah?  Yeah, EPIC....Fergalicious type epic. We could go on and on about how awesome it was. But we better wrap it up.

durham wedding photographer20.jpg

Next we stepped outside to get some formals. The two decided during their Engagement Session with us that they did not want to do too many formals. Let's just say the weather cooperated. Just 5 minutes in it started to rain. While we weren't thrilled, the couple was. And that's all that counts. Congratulations to Sarah and Justin and may they enjoy a lifetime of happiness!

Ten Things We Learned from Sarah and Justin's Wedding

1. Just because it rains, doesn't mean the wedding will be a wash.

2. Your ring bearer doesn't have to be a little kid - it can be a big kid.

3. It is always romantic when the groom sings to his bride - even if it's Fergalicious!

4. really works. Sarah and Justin are living proof.

5. Readings from the Book of Bob Marley speak of love.

6. Doctors make the best wedding officiants.

7. Rustic + Elegance = Awesome.

8. Sparkler exits are even cooler in person.

9. When the couple say they don't want formal pictures, they don't want formal pictures.

10. If the seating capacity of the venue is 150, it can hold 200 so long as they are there to celebrate love.